Feasibility and Prelodgement

At Plan A we understand the relationship between design, town planning and project feasibility. Having the right design for a project is crucial in both its success and the profitability that it produces in both the short and the long term. We provide advice in relation to specific town planning requirements to assist in the design process as well as co-ordinate with a number of specialist consultants in order to confirm any additional site constraints. As part of this process, we also provide options for you to consider as part of an overall feasibility analysis.

Town Planning Feasibility Advice

When we provide advice, we do so with the aim of allowing you to make an educated assessment on whether a project is feasible. 

Our team will take time to analyse the relevant town planning requirements and provide you with advice on development potential such that you are able to undertake financial modelling to determine the highest and best use of your site.

Coordination with Specialists

Over our time within the development industry, we have formed many professional relationships that we can utilise to best assist our clients. 

We co-ordinate our work with a number of specialist consultants to ensure that the key constraints that may influence your project are identified and that any potential issues are able to be positively managed as part of the development process.

Prelodgement Advice

Our team is well experienced in co-ordinating prelodgement meetings as part of the inception of development projects. 

We will co-ordinate with Council and any relevant specialists to ensure that the prelodgement meeting delivers helpful and usable advice to inform applications moving forward and minimize development approval timeframes.