Development Approvals

At Plan A we understand the relationship between design, town planning and project feasibility. Having the right design for a project is crucial in both its success and the profitability that it produces in both the short and the long term.

We provide advice in relation to specific town planning requirements to assist in the design process as well as co-ordinate with a number of specialist consultants in order to confirm any additional site constraints. As part of this process, we also provide options for you to consider as part of an overall feasibility analysis.

Material Change of Use &
Building Work

Local Planning Instruments require that certain applications for Material Change of Use and Building Works are assessable and require approval from the Local Authority. 

Our team will work directly with you to ensure that your application strategy provides the best chance for success. We have worked and managed a broad range of projects from small scale house extensions through to large scale community, industrial, retail and residential projects. No matter the project at hand, our team can tailor our services to your exact needs.

Reconfiguring a Lot

Reconfiguring a Lot can involve a variety of different outcomes including subdividing a lot, re-arranging the boundaries of a lot, subdivision by lease or provision of an access easement. 

Reconfiguring a Lot applications require significant integration with specialist consultants to identify potential issues prior to lodgement. 

Our team is highly experienced in undertaking a variety of applications ranging from small subdivisions to large multi staged master planned residential and industrial communities and can provide you with the advice that provides the best chance for success.

Variation Approval​

Variation Approvals are approvals that vary the effect of a local Planning Instrument. These approvals were previously referred to as Preliminary Approvals or Rezoning Approvals and are utilised to provide for specific planning outcomes for a site.

Our team is highly experienced in preparing and negotiating these types of approvals and ensuring that outcomes achieved will benefit the site moving forward.

Operational Works

Our team can help you to coordinate and manage your Operational Works approval. We collaborate with specialist consultants to provide technical information to the Local Authority and co-ordinate the approval process.


We understand that at times projects can go over their agreed deadlines. This can happen for a range of reasons that often are completely out of your control. 

Our team can assist you to negotiate an extension to the currency period of your approval and allow you to continue your project.

Change to Development Approvals


We understand that circumstances can change over time and that you may require changes to your approval. 

Our team can assist you with this process and can undertake the negotiations with the relevant authority on your behalf.

Accepted Development Review

In certain instances, developments can be undertaken as Accepted Development or Accepted Development, subject to requirements, meaning that there could be an opportunity for a private town planner to sign off on your development in lieu of Council.  

Our team can undertake a detailed assessment of your proposal to ensure that it complies with the relevant criteria.  We can also provide a formal written report that can be provided to a Building Certifier for your Building Approval.

Heritage Exemption Certificates

Under both Local and State Government Planning Legislation, there is an opportunity to apply for a Heritage Exemption Certificate for low-impact development, conservation work and simple projects that only affect the heritage values of a place in a minor way. 

A Heritage Exemption Certificate can minimise the quantum of applications required under a Planning Scheme. 

Our team can provide guidance as to the eligibility of certain works for the Heritage Exemption process and can also coordinate and manage your application with either the Local or State Government.

Signage Licencing

Local Governments throughout Queensland often regulate the provision of signage on site, either through their Planning Schemes or a specific Local Law. 

Our team is vastly experienced in negotiating approvals for a variety of signage types with all Local Authorities.